Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yosemite National Park

First off, we realized that Fall might not be the ideal time to visit Yosemite. Sure the park isn't as crowded as in the Spring and Sumer, but the iconic waterfalls are no longer waterfalls by the end of summer. While we would have loved to see the waterfalls, Yosemite is much more than just these famous features. The park is a massive collection of jutting granite rock faces rising from the valley floor. And while the park has hundreds of thousands of acres, we focused on the most well-known central valley. If you've seen any Ansel Adams photos, they all seem to be taken in this valley.

We did a great hike up to Columbia Rock, which allows you to see much of the valley and surrounding mountains. We got a little nervous with all the swirling black clouds, and once it started to rain, we headed down the mountain for fear of lightning strikes. We definitely want to come back and hike the park more extensively because it's one of the most phenomenal places we've seen so far. So long for now, Yosemite!
-K & D

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