Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sequoia National Park

We never thought we loved the humidity of Washington, DC, but after seven years, we grew accustomed to moisture sweet moisture. So for us, driving from Zion to Sequoia National Park after weeks in the desert felt delightful. Even fog felt like a relief.

Now onto the giant trees--we love giant trees. We were told by one of the rangers about a nice 3--4 hour rolling hike through the woods to a vista on top of Moro Rock. For the first hour, we began to wonder if the ranger's definition of rolling hills was different, as the hike was all uphill. Eventually we got to the rolling part among the giant sequoias and redwoods. Of course, we had to think of Ewoks along the walk.

The hike ended in a way that helped me redeem my fear of heights--the final ascent of 376 steps to the top of Moro Rock--often near exposed cliffs--was accomplished. While I was a bit spooked, the ultimate view on top was fantastic. Seeing the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevadas getting larger in the distance was truly breathtaking. Oh, did I mention there were giant trees? We love the giant trees.

We also did some smaller self-guided nature trails and learned about the superpowers of the giant sequoias, who are thousands of years old, have survived many forest fires and are completely resistant to insects, fungus, and other afflictions that typically affect the smaller trees. Once again, we had to think of Luke, who after losing his arm, came back even stronger with enhanced jedi powers. Did we mention that the giant trees reminded us of Return of the Jedi?

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