Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's San Frantastic!

We're here in San Francisco for a few days hanging out with our friends Leora, Matt, and Cat Fulvio and seeing the sites. San Francisco is a great town for just walking through different neighborhoods. After living in DC for a while, I was pretty amazed by all the independent, non-chain stores and restaurants, a definite bonus of living here. In what seemed to us like a miracle of navigational skill, Leora took us to these gigantic concrete slides tucked away on the windy back streets of a random neighborhood. After chatting it up with the local teenagers, we took a few turns. These slides were fast and definitely not regulation!

Partly to keep up with our "training," we walked up some ridiculous hills to Golden Gate Park with the intent of visiting the Japanese Tea Garden, but unfortunately we got there too late to see the koi and drink some tea. The next day, we bought some fortune cookies in Chinatown and went to the Mission District to eat some delicious burritos. We checked out the cool murals in an alley behind the burrito joint and met up later with friends Erica and Kirsten, who I hadn't seen in ages, for some sushi. Good friends, good food, good San Francisco!


kpsamsara said...

It was great to see you guys, too!

I'm detecting a theme in your blog. It sounds like maybe you should consider starting your hikes - urban or otherwise - a little earlier in the day. I know it's a little antithetical to the concept of vacation, but it doesn't sound like you're getting much sleep, anyway.

leora said...

Yes, but the slides were definitely regulation fun!

zeul said...

Leora didn't take me to the slides! So jealous!

etmarciniec said...

I have very much enjoyed chasing Kristi & Dennis up the west coast. I hastened back to SF from a commune I was visiting in Humboldt so I wouldn't miss them, and as it turns out, they were heading the same way as I! Well, guys, I'm looking forward to the Portland entry because Portland was fun too, (and also contains a story of a failed visit to a Japanese garden). The question remains... will there be a Washington entry that we share together? Well, I hope you two feel better one way or another. I too, am sick as a dog over here in Yakima, "the Palm Springs of Washington," or so they say.