Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sophisticated Alpaca, Defined...

Everyone by now should be aware that we're just skating off the coat tails of our friends Dave & LeeAnne, who are winding down their Round the World trip right now. As some may recall, they had some adventures in Mongolia. So when searching for non-camping option near Yosemite (40 degrees at night is as cold as we were prepared to sleep on the camping portion of our trip), we found an RV park with yurts. After reminding ourselves why you should never trust Mapquest in rural areas, we rolled into the Yosemite Pines RV Park late to find the most tricked-out yurt you could imagine. This thing had cable tv, a space heater, a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and more electrical outlets per square foot than is sane and probably safe. In summary, it was nicer than the motels we've stayed on along the way, and we loved it. Mongolia, it was not.

And you don't get to be the 8th best RV Park in the U.S. (as rated by the Travel Channel, who knew!) by resting on the laurels of your yurts alone. There was also a petting zoo where we got our first confirmed alpaca sighting of the trip. Heaven. Although when we learned that the much advertised ping pong/ game room failed to exist (dam you rowdy kids from last season!), we had to adjust the Travel Channel rating from an 8 to about a 10 or 11.
-K & D

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Deb said...

We never got the eugene alpaca photo shot. Hey, I made copies of my Machu Pichu info and never gave it to you. Do you want me to mail it to Dennis' parent's house? Have fun in portland. deb