Sunday, November 25, 2007

What Else Is Between Christchurch and Dunedin?

Thanks for asking! The quick answer is not much. Think sheep, grass, and rolling hills--but that's pretty much the default setting of NZ. The one exception to the least scenic drive we've been on were the Moeraki boulders.

It's hard to imagine that these boulders were made by nature, especially when you look into te hollowed out broken balls on the shore. But we were assured by the signs that they were naturlaly-occurring cyst-like depostis that were eroded and slowly exposed from the hillside.

Perhaps adding to the sci-fi-ness was the fact that we had slept in the parking lot mere steps from the beach and a herd of deer, neither of which we saw when pulling in the night before. Not a bad way to wake up!

-K & D

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