Monday, November 26, 2007

A Day in Dunedin

If Auckland is LA, Wellington is San Francisco, and Christchurch is Charleston, SC, then Dunedin has to be Chicago...or maybe Baltimore. When we pulling in and found parking on the edge of the warehouse district and the local cricket oval (?), a Bad News Bears-style cricket match (?) was already in progress, and we felt right at home (sort of).

The city is nestled around a bay--much like Wellington, but much less 'flash' or 'posh' (notice our attempts to blend with the natives and their peculiar dialect). Walking through the warehouse district reminded us of Chicago, and we mean that as a good thing. The town's Scottish heritage plays out in more than just the names of places; it's decidedly blue collar. We enjoyed walking around the central city octagon and finally, having some lunch, and stumbling on the bustling Saturday retail and entertainment district.

The day was capped by a walk to the beach and the chance to watch intrepid wet-suit-wearing surfers making the most of the 3 foot waves at the nearby beach.


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Dave said...

Did you guys do any local celebrity spotting when you were there?

Did you have coffee with the "The Sneaky Feelings" or run into "The Bats" at the Scottish Shop? Or go on a hike up Three Mile Hill with Roger Shepard? I hope so, we missed them when we were there.