Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh Canada!

If you're thinking of traveling around the world, my first bit of advice is to get a passport. Now! Oops--you're probably too late already. You might want to just forget about your trip all together. I say this because I've been trying to get a passport since April. Hopefully I'll have one in the next few days.

For people who don't know my dirty little secret, I was born in Canada. Only recently has this made getting a U.S. passport nearly impossible (thank you Department of Homeland Security!) My other bit of advice is that you should never call a government office in Canada. Especially one that's located in Thunder Bay. Despite what you think you know about Thunder Bay from such illustrious films as Slapshot and Young Blood, the people up there are loath to answer their phones. I briefly considered a boycott of all things Canadian, but the thought of never watching Degrassi or the Littlest Hobo ever again was too painful.

Also, know that all bureaucrats love paperwork--bring it all--you never know if that high school report card will be the key to proving your citizenship after all.

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