Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mommy, where do pigeons come from?

One of the benefits of staying with friends is feeling a little like we’re on vacation, spending time in new neighborhoods, and soaking up the scenery and interesting wildlife. At Hope and Tom’s we’ve been observing the resident pigeons, Fred and Ginger, who live next to the back balcony. I don’t doubt Fred and Ginger have got a lot of love, but I don’t hold out too much hope for their happy family. They’ve been trying for a while, but 3 haphazardly placed twigs on a narrow ledge does not a nest make.

So far, Ginger (or is it Fred?) has laid an egg, which was quickly neglected and then disappeared. They spend a lot of time trying to lay another one, but it’s not looking good. For a really prodigious bird that constantly obstructs the sidewalks, it makes you wonder. For that matter, has anyone every seen a baby pigeon? I find it all a little mysterious, or perhaps suspicious. If someone could please send in some photographic evidence, I could breath a sigh of relief.


leora said...

Matt & I have recently taken to calling pigeons "chakas." As you know, I hate chakas. But recently I've been noticing 2 things that I never believed existed. Dead chakas and baby chakas. Anyway, I recently have gotten a new fondness for chakas because the other day, I was driving on the 101 and I saw a chaka limping along, right there on the highway! I swerved to avoid it, but wound up almost having a collision with a 4x4 so I swerved back and then I killed the chaka. And then I cried and I called Matt crying. And now I love chakas and I'm starting a campaign to save the chakas.

Thomas said...

I had to do the research: