Friday, December 7, 2007

Sydney on No Sleep

Our intro to Sydney was a little bumpy. After waiting for the free hostel shuttle at the airport for nearly 2 hours and checking into our room, we decided to walk around and orient ourselves to the city a bit. Sydney is a huge, bustling, international city--something we hadn't experienced for a while. We wandered off map and got pretty lost. Ironically, in our darkest hour, we came across Glebe Road. We knew we were doomed if Sydney operated any way like Northern Virginia. When I first moved to DC, our friend Tom gave me a driving tour of Northern Virginia, announcing at nearly every turn another Glebe Road, which still perplexed us to this day. Fortunately, Sydney only has one Glebe Road (or we couldn't find North, South, East, and West Glebe before we panicked and quickly asked for directions.) We're looking forward to some sleep and staying here a few days to do some more non-Glebe-related exploring.

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Thomas said...

If you guys walk north on the Glebe Road in Sydney, you'll eventually hit Columbia Pike in Arlington. It's the same road.