Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sydney on a Little More Sleep

With the last four days in Sydney we set about walking every square inch of the downtown. While some may think, 'impossible,' my sore feet beg to differ. We made sure to take care of the obvious things first: checking out the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and getting the requisite pictures. And while those where impressive, I think one of our favorite parts of the city were the extensive Botanical Gardens. Getting to wander in downtown and take a break in the shady comfort of the gardens was really nice.

Random Highlights:
1. Sitting in an internet cafe late at night listening to Chinese kids use a strange English/Chinese/gamer's-speak pigeon while playing some video game
2. Realizing we were not the target market at our hostel when they advertized an "all-you-can-drink-in-an-hour" socializing event. The idea of drinking mass quantities with a group of somewhat over-determined 19 year olds didn't suit us.
3. Exploring the funky neighborhoods of Newtown, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross and sampling the wonderful bookstores.
4. Trying "authentic" Mexican food in Newtown prepared by Spanish people. Closer than we thought..
5. When it is really hot outside and there is the offer of a free tour WITH air conditioning, you will tour almost anything. To wit: we toured the Governor's House, which is akin to a Samoan touring the Kansas Governor's house. Perhaps not the most relevant history to ours, but not a bad tour or way to cool off.



bschwabe said...

My life's ambition has been to someday tour the Governor's house in Sydney.

Lee said...

Mmmm...was that little Guzman and Guzman's Mexican joint? And did you check out the crazy huge used bookstore in Newtown?

Now that I have made my return to the working world, I will be living vicariously through you guys!

Good on ya mates!