Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cordoba, Thanks for the Hippies

Perhaps it is the fact that our trip is 17 days from finishing, but we are both starting to tie up our experiences and connect everything we see to something we saw earlier. To wit, Cordoba reminded me of Nelson, New Zealand. Both towns are full of younger folks, with quite a bit of hippie influnce. The difference is that Cordoba is bigger and not filled with Kiwis. But, after days of bad pizzas, the presence of hippies meant that vegetarian food was to be available. One of the happiest days we´ve had on the trip was eating at a vegetarian restaurant which was the best place we have eaten all trip and knowing that there was no ham or beef in any of it. Much like getting to the top of Kili, I almost wept.

Anyhoo, the town itself has a rather compact central area with loads of pedestrian streets crowded with people at all hours. Spending a few days just roaming around with no have-to-dos was quite nice. Cordoba, the original capitol, has a 400 year history of Jesuit influence resulting in a load of old churches in various stateds of disrepair. Plus, nuns aplenty roaming about. But, to balance the religious with the earthly, Cordoba also boasts the most undergarments stores with giant billboards of ladies and gents in various states of undressedness. Sin and salvation, I tell ye.

On the subject of sin and redemption...okay, I have no real segue. In any case, the other main drama concerned our accommodation. The reviews of our particular residencia mentioned that the woman that ran the place was a bit cantankerous. Upon first meeting her, it seemed to be the case. But that only made us want to chat with her more. What made her tick? And what made that ticking sound like a time-bomb? All we can say is that with a little perserverance, we were able to have a few conversations that went well. She ran hot and cold, but there was no clear reason. So having to fill in the gaps, here is what K and I decided: She was a flamenco star, and met the man who was to become her husband. They danced together, got married. Then, he screwed up (maybe in some sort of competition, say) and she has been living on anger and regret ever since. Now it may sound like a movie, maybe even one that came out about a decade ago, but we are pretty sure it's probably, could be, might be right. Right?



Jenni said...

that sounds like a movie that i love! now nelson shall be forced to sit through yet another viewing of strictly ballroom

looks like you'll be back in time for Oscar's birthday bash - I'll drop you a line. if you're up to it, we'd love you to make it.

Jenni said...

and no, i'm not at all embarassed that i love strictly ballroom.