Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is Turkey

The answer to all questions about what is allowable here seems to be "This is Turkey." So in the spirit of the country and because of the people's love of the hirsute gentleman, I have decided to grow a moustache or 'stache if you prefer. It is currently at the "Gary Neville" phase--that is to say beginning phase. For those not obsessed with soccer, Gary Neville plays for Manchester United, is 34 and seems to have been trying to grow the same moustache for the past decade. So in the spirit of such questions as "is a fanny pack an okay fashion accessory," we will open this up to a poll.

So far, I have become obsessed with this country's version of tea and their love of backgammon. So, for me it is all about embracing the culture. Kristi, on the other hand, seems afraid of the new look. You decide. I will keep the 'stache until the public cries out for mercy (or doesn't) The poll will close on April 26 so vote early and often.


Ben said...

Dennis, I'm afraid you don't look to have the hirsutisity to really measure up to the high standards of Turkish facial hair. The mustache police might surround you in the streets, beat you with sticks, and shave your face, head and groin while making statements like "I've seen Greek kindergarten girls with better mustaches." Those Turks are merciless when it comes to enforcing the facial hair rules.

The current stage looks like an "Errol Flynn" to me. Nothing wrong with that. I'm sporting a "lazy homeless guy beard." myself at the moment. I'm also hanging out in the public library and I haven't showered in a couple days. I think I've found my lifestyle.

matthew said...

I like to think of it in terms of what it might someday become, given a chance to truly blossom, glorious. Keep it, nourish it, treasure it, and pray you never have to mourn its disappearance. That my friend is the Turkish way

Vera said...

So being a girl, I am definitely on Kristi's side, because it gets all prickly and stingy. And oh, the sight of some sauce sticking into it. Beurk!!! :-(

So off with it!


Fantomenos said...

I'm usually a big facial hair proponent, but Dennis, have mercy, man.

Kimberly said...

I can't believe I missed this! That's what I get for neglecting to visit Sophisticated Alpaca for awhile. Unlike your friend Vera, who mistakenly assumes girls are anti-facial hair, I love the stache!