Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ghosts in the Machines

Okay, so we've been seeing a lot of wonderful sites and we are not missing the 9-5 at all, but there has been a downside. We have been afflicted by an amazing run of bad electronics luck. To this point, the following items have mysteriously broken

1. ipod charger
2. camera battery charger
3. ipod (just yesterday)
4. Pocket PC charger
5. New ipod charger 50% of the time (so far)

That's about once every 21 days that something breaks. The upside is that we have been able to find cheep replacements as well as using our friend Kim as a courier for our backup pocket PC charger. Above is the photo of our latest purchase. We are quite proud of the insane ingenuity and crappy construction of this particular object. It is essentially a universal battery charger with 2 flimsy pieces of metal acting as contact points. It looks like it will break if we leave it out in a mild breeze.

Speaking of the Kim's meet up with us, we are hoping that we can meet up with more people from back home as we travel around the world, but in the interest of full disclosure we will probably ask you to carry an extra piece of luggage with soldering irons, copper wire, adapters, etc.


Anonymous said...

"Raw power is sure to come a runnin to you
Raw power got a magic touch
Raw power is much too much"

hey guys its Brent hope these Iggy lyrics will help explain your broken gadget phenomenon.

tikiemily said...

Dennis, I know you. I'm your sister. Breaking gadgets isn't unusual!

leora said...

machine karma.