Saturday, June 9, 2007

Helpful Links

Travel Prep-Our to-do list
Travel Insurance
Shots, Vaccines, Pills, etc.

Forums and Blogs:
Our friends Dave and Lolo's blog. The ultimate source of jealousy and inspiration in 2007.

Has some nice videos (esp. Nepal) of places that he has traveled.
The best of everything. Blogs, forums and general info.
An interesting blog detailing a couple's travels around the world. It's a nice balance to the standard backpacker blog in that they did not try to do it on the super cheap.
Lonley Planet's forums. Great practical information and a good place to ask questions. Warning: Like most forums it has developed its own culture. If you are a "newbie" expect the usual forum-types screeching at you to "search the forum,idiot" "try google," etc. Don't be deterred. Keep reading and posting.

How to sites:
Packing and Gear ideas:
Wonderful down-to earth advice on traveling. I have used his packing list as my guide in my planning.

General Info Sites:
Great for getting a sketch of countries. I've used it as a jumping off point for researching possible destinations. The site is also a solid clearinghouse of information from immunizations to what-to-pack lists. Check out the photography as well.

An interesting alternative to the hostel/tourist method. The organization works as a host-family setup with the overarching goal of cultural exchange and encouraging peace.

Scotland's NHS site for travelers. Sure I'm not Scottish, but the site is really handy for malaria maps, advice, etc.

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